Powerful optimization, testing, diagnostic and cleaning tools!

Latency Optimizer helps to reduce high latency, fix lag, improve fps, boost games & applications and speed up internet connection & PC!

latency optimization

What Is Latency Optimizer?

Latency Optimizer is diagnostic, cleaning and optimizing software! It will assist you by fixing performance issues with your operating system, video / online games and software applications.

tweaks and tunes for faster gaming

Professional Version

Get 45 tweaks & tunes for your internet connection & system performance enabled! Use the latency test, system cleaner and first aid kit. The professional FULL version also enables medium and hard optimization modes.

network tweaks

Game & Application Booster

If your games or applications performing slow or lagging than Latency Optimizer will asisst you by boosting your operating system, network and internet connection via the integrated tools.

speed test and ping test

 Diagnostic & Testing

Latency Optimizer can asisst you to rack down high latency, fps drops, unstable ping, stuttering lag, CPU spikes and memory issues via the integrated diagnostic tools.

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