latency optimization

Speed up internet & computer performance with Latency Optimizer

With Latency Optimizer you can diagnose, analyze, test, repair and fix lag, ping, latency, fps and other performance issues in video games, online games, online application, desktop applications and your operating system!

Three Boosting Modes

Three 1 Click speed up and boost modes. Slight, Medium and Hard Modes will help you to lower your ping, reduce high latency also known as lag.

Advanced settings

Allows you to customize 45 Tweaks & Tunes to speed up and boost your Internet connection & Computer. Lets your operating system, games, applications, and Internet connection perform fast again.

Control Panel

The Control Panel allows you to quick and easy change settings, activate the Game / Application Accelerator or the Network and Process Optimizer.

Performance & Network Tweaks

Chose for various tunes and tweaks to boost your Computers and Internet connection process speed to a maximum.

Performance Recorder

The Performance Recorder is a diagnostic feature that will allow you to record your computers performance while playing games or working with software applications. This feature is a major help to track down lag issues on your Computer.

Packet monitor

Will list you network related information and objects as well as log traffic passing over your digital network to allow you to monitor your data packages.

Speed Test

Allows you to measure your ping, upload and download speed. A speed test comes in very handy while troubleshooting Internet connection speed and high ping issues.

Latency Test

Helps you to measures how quickly a small data packet can get from your Computer / Laptop to a server somewhere located in the world and back. The latency test is mostly appreciated by online gamers, VoIP users and users from other online applications.

Startup Manager

In many cases 3rd party software applications harming System performance and interfering with Internet connection without permission. The startup Manager will assist you to stop unnecessary applications being loaded during the startup of your operating system.

System Cleaner

Cleans temporary files, history, cookies, form history, index.dat files of various web browsers, recycle bin, temporary files, log files, clipboard, DNS cache, error reporting, memory dumps, third-party applications temp files, recent file lists and many more.

Disk Cleaner

Free up space and clean junk files on your hard disk to improve the performance of your System.

Memory Optimizer

The Memory Optimizer will help you to balance your System memory! It automatically optimizes your System, balancing levels between your memory cache and the Computer's speed, to make your computer perform faster.

First Aid Kit

The First Aid Kit is specially designed to fix common IP and Winsock related issues of your Internet connection. As special after virus and malware infections many Internet connections having issues after a successful clean up. Therefore First Aid Kit will assist you to solve the most common issues.

Latency Optimizer can assist you to:

- Speed up slow internet connection
- Reduce latency
- Perform computer maintenance
- Speed up slow networks
- Test ping and internet connection speed
- Boost operating system performance
- Diagnose your computer while playing games
- Track and fix lag causes