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Why do I lag in online games or online applications?

There are three major lag locations: Lag caused by game or application server, lag caused by your ISP, lag caused by your Computer.

Any lag caused by one or the other location can result in stuttering, flickering, high ping, high latency, lag spikes or other performance issues!

Game & Application Server

High load or high latency on a game or application server causes lag in online games or any other online based service or application. Sent and received data packages get delayed and this delay is out of your control. There is nothing you can do at your end to fix lag caused by the game or application server. The only thing might be to contact the server administrator!


If your ISP provides you with weak signals or bad lines, has gateway or other infrastructure issues, ( weak connection to the game or application server) there is nothing you can do to fix the lag. The only thing might be to contact your ISP!

Your Computer, modem /router and other devices

Slow CPU speed, missing sufficient RAM, malfunctioning Hardware or wrongly configured system-, internet, device, game or application settings can cause lag at your Computer. This lag also influence on your ISP and game server. That means the lag caused at your end results of course in a not proper functioning online game or service and it can also decease the quality of the ISP or game server service.

You must find out what actually causes the lag before you can fix it! Therefore we recommend to run all the testing and diagnostic tools included in Latency Optimizer.

Latency Optimizer can help you to identify lag, latency and ping issues and offers many tools to assist you to fix them!

Why do my video games lag?

Video games that are not internet based fully depend on your Computers performance. If you lag in a video game the reason for the lag must be at your end!

The processor speed, available physical and virtual memory, the speed of the Hard Disk, the performance of your motherboard, the power of connected devices like graphics or audio cards or a joystick are mainly the first places that can cause lag. Besides a slow performing Operating System, outdated or wrong drivers, infections and wrongly configured game settings can cause lag as well!

Why does Windows or some of my installed programs lag?

Your the performance of your Operating System or installed Software applications depends on 2 factors.

1) The performance and power of your Hardware
2) The right system or application settings

The causes why your Operating System or any installed program on your computer lag are mainly the same as the reasons why a video game lags! (See: Why do my video games lag?)

How to fix lag, boost my Internet connection, games, programs or Operating System?

The first thing to check out is if the System Requirements of a game, program or Operating System are met!

After that the hard part starts!

As there are actually tons and tons of reasons that can cause lag, high ping, high latency, fps drop or other performance issues you will need to do some diagnostics and testings before you can start to fix the lag!

To read forward, please visit the main Badosoftwebsite where you will find usefull detailed information about latency issues and LAG FIX GUIDES via step by step instructions!

Latency Optimizer can assist you to:

- Speed up slow internet connection
- Reduce latency
- Perform computer maintenance
- Speed up slow networks
- Test ping and internet connection speed
- Boost operating system performance
- Diagnose your computer while playing games
- Track and fix lag causes